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Global Water Event July, 25th 2009


UN Intl. Day of Peace, Sept 21 2009

Love and Thanks to the Water Day


We envision people, communities and governments around the world being insirpred as we are by music, art, and an engaging showcase of inovative solutions. We envision collaboration among hundreds of event organizers, NGOs, renowned musicians, and others that result in large scale media events that give us all a reason to pause and remember what is important in our lives. We envision events that make us all feel reinspired and a resolved to recommit ourselves to do what we can for our health and sustainability. We envision people feeling a solume resolve to work not just for ourselves and our personal quiality of living but for our children and grand children.

We envision a growing Global Events Network that has the ability reach millions of people in countries around the word in a single day. We remember examples such as Live Aid that raised millions of dollars for the support of peoples in Africa and how this event had over 1 Billion Views (the largest viewing audience in human history). We envision our ability to organize a synchronized event such as this on a large scare during a UN World Summit on Sustainable Development... namely the Earth Summit +20 in 2012.


It is our mission to build an event organizing network that enables us to host inspirational large-scale synchronized media events in countries around the world in a single day reaching millions (or billions) of people to further empower movements for greater health & sustainability. We beleive that many of the solutions if not all the solutions needed are already here, but what has been lacking is the public being inspired and educated enough to rally public servents to implement more sustainable solutions... by motivating the will of governments, business, and NGOs to work together toward these goals we can create a healthier more sustainable future.

Currently, GEN is working under the umbrella of The Alliance for Healthy Communities (AHC). The AHC is a 501(c)3 organization based in CA. Through our events, we promote solutions to further healthy community practices on various scales, including homeschools, work places and communities. We find that it's important to not only come up with solutions but to help support and advocate healthy a community culture that motivates the public will to implement healthier community practices. Therefore our current focus is creating public events that reach thousands of people in a fun and engaging way, with music and arts at various venues including Mystic Garden Party events.


Our history has its roots in 3 UN World Summits focused on healthier human habitat and Sustainable Development. These summits include UN Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul '96, UN World Susmit on Sustainable Development +5 (or Rio / Earth Summit +5) at the UN in NYC '97, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development +10 (Earth Summit +10 or Rio + 10) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At these summits Phil Lindsey and collegues participated in various ways organizing events and building a network to host a large synchronized concert and worldwide media event during a summit. Participation was done in various names including The Alliance for Healthy Communities and in 2002 at the Joburg' Summit "World in Balance GLOBAL EVENTS NETWORK". At that summit we had some success of manifesting a part of the vision. This included flying Chris Berry of Panjea to the Joburg and arranging for his band from Mozembique to also join us for Opening & Closing ceremonies and other events during the summit. Our campaign vision at this summit also included having world wide events on the same day done in 'solidarity' for Sustainable Development. Although we weren't able to have the global broadcast compenent of our vision, we did have spiritual & humanitarion groups hold events around the world on the same day. Many events were small but we were told they happened in over 100+ countries around the world.



We will update this section more in the coming weeks. Because large scale events often gather inspired 'independent contractors' that work on a project by project basis often a team that works with us (for the Earth Summit +10, 2002, in South Africa) for example may not be the same team working on the Global Water Blessing in Oregon 2009.

However, key among organizers is Phil Lindsey, Founder of GEN who is also Founder, Producer of the Mystic Garden Party festivals.

Another key partner who has joined our team for the Global Water Blessing however is Chris Decker (founder/producer) of Earth Dance International. This annual festival is synchronized in 350 locations in over 65 countries each year. Chris is bring some of his experience and also outreach to the Earthdance network of event organizers and festival goers around the world. We're off to a great start for summer 2009 event!



Global News

UN Earth Summit in 2012

The United Nations G77 has tabled a draft resolution for the Second Committee of the General Assembly, calling for a World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2012

On November 4th, 2008 a resolution was created that said the UN G77 'recognizes the need for a World Summit in 2012'. This summit will review progress achieved since the first Summit in Rio De Janero 92', the Rio + 5 in 97', and the Rio +10 in 2002. The resolution.

Global Event for Water on July 25th, 2009

GEN confirmed our global webcast July 23rd - 26th, 2009 at the Mystic Garden Party festival. A major highlight during the weekend (on July 25th) will be a Global Water Blessing with Dr. Masuro Emoto (the reknownd emmisary of water, featured in the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". July 25th is known as the Day Out of Time in the 13 moon (Mayan related) calendar. There are many synchronized events each year & we'll be working to invite their participation. We also confirmed that the Earth Dance Intl. Festival that is inviting it's network of over 350 locations in 65+ countries to participate!

GEN is participating in 17th UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and building our network of participants for future events.

GEN is being represented at the 17th CSD meetings taking place at the UN May 4th - 15th, 2009. NGOs, government, business, other stakeholders from around the world meet each year to review & further the goals of Sustainable Development which include poverty alliviation & environmental protection.

GEN intends to participate in UN Climate Change Summit Copenhagen, Nov 30-Dec 11

GEN along with The Alliance for Healthy Communities plans to participate and further develop our network for participipants in our network.